The winery has a surface area of  over 2,500 m2 that is  divided into four  separate areas. These include a  wine-  making facility, an ageing cellar,  a bottle-storing facility  and a facility  for bottling, labelling and finished  products. The wine-making facility is equipped with the most  advanced methods of production, with stainless  steel vats  with a capacity for 350,000 litres and aseptic equipment  that ensures a quality product. The acclimatised bottle-storing facility has a capacity for  120,000 bottlesin wine racks that hold 588  bottles each,  where time and tranquillity help the wine along its journey  to optimal evolution. The ageing cellar has a stock of 1,000 casks, all of which  are made of American and French Oak,  wich give the  wine a special character. the spacecraftof filling, labeling  and finished products with  the most modern machinery  existing for these tasks, while respecting our philosophy  artisan of high  quality. Place the pointer over the thumbnails to amplify the image © Bodegas del Campo, S. L. 2014